Speciality Biomaterials & Hemostasis Technology

Domestic Market

- Surgical topical hemostat ; Korean market app. 75 billion won (as of 2014)
- Emerging market for bone hemostasis and hemostats for endo/laparoscopic use
- Companion animal industry market : 900 billion won in Korea (as of 2012)

Market Growth

- Domestic mkt App. 120 billion won in 2019, Global mkt 5 billion US$ to 7 billion US$ (2019)

- Companion animal industry market :5.2 trillion won in Korea (as of 2020). 5.7 billion US$ in USA

Technological Power

- Biocompatible/biodegradable biomaterial platform technology  
- A wealth of  commercialization experiences, Solid R&D networks

R&D strategy

- Selection of globally unsatisfied needs for technology and products
- Solid global R&D networks  based on worldwide market

Scalability of Business

- Products embodiment of various application types (gel, powder, sponge, et al.)
- Always ready to cooperate with other medical or pharmaceutical companies on the  R&D or marketing sector

Applicable Sector

- Convergence technology and Biomedical products based on biocompatible materials
  (Tissue engineering, 3D printing, drug delivery system)